The terracotta floor and wall coverings are salvaged from various parts of Italy, each in a unique shade. This is due to the numerous clay quarries scattered along the Apennine slopes down to Sicily. They keep the base colour of their place of origin such as the red from Emilia and Tuscany, the ochre of Siena, the yellow of north Lazio, the blonde of Campania, the straw yellow of Puglia, the red purple of Calabria and the citron pink of Sicily.

Antique Terracotta and Wood Finishes

Terracotta Fangè



Pink Terracotta

Terracotta Multi Color


The processing

Superimposed on the colours of the clay are the colours of the different firing methods in the numerous kilns in past centuries, unfortunately no longer in existence.
In these kilns the material was fired with a direct flame using wood or the residual of olive processing. These procedures, depending on the temperature, completed the shades of the various firings.
The various colour gradations, from brown to yellow, to oxidized green caused by the oxidation of time are not reproducible today and have inspired us to reuse them to reproduce the various compositions according to the traditional designs of past centuries.